It's all about giving new life to your old 
books and protecting your new books!

It's also about presenting a professional appearance 
while using a very economical composition book!

Make your first impression a good one.



I designed KIVVERS to provide handsome, top-quality, custom fitted handmade "covers" (or KIVVERS) that look and feel as close to real leather as you can get, without breaking the bank. 

KIVVERS came about because of a suggestion from my husband. He wanted a cover to protect some of his most cherished books that were beginning to suffer the battle scars of eared corners, fading from exposure to light, and the little scuffs and other things that happen to the cover of a book during its lifetime.

KIVVERS are handmade, one-at-a-time, using your book's dimensions for a custom fit like no other...just like a glove! Many of the faux leathers can be gold or silver foil imprinted. This could be good for a treasured Bible that needs some tender, loving care...a new custom fitted personalized cover. The minimalist style of these slip-case type covers will protect your book and help to preserve its current condition.

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I do not do any book repair! If your book is sound but looks kinda rough, then KIVVERS can rejuvenate the appearance of your tattered but treasured book. This is especially nice if it is a favorite book that you like to read again and again or just to carry with you.


Having branched out from book covers to composition notebook covers in a number of styles, I am making book enthusiasts and business professionals happy with handmade, custom-fitted products  at very reasonable prices. I have added gold foil hot stamping for book titles or personalization.

KIVVERS look and wear like leather but are cruelty free; no animals have perished to provide my fabrics. 

The business professional or serious student will appreciate the stylish but very durable refillable composition notebook covers or business journals. You can look sharp and be practical at the same time!

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. I am still working on this website but I am able to take orders through Etsy. I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

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